HUGE: Judge Suspends ‘Diversity’ Rules

1st Amendment

( – Wokeism has just suffered a big legal defeat – and in no other place than leftist-controlled California – as a US judge has ruled in favor of ending the California Community Colleges’ “diversity, equity and inclusion” (DEI) rules because they violate the First Amendment.

On Tuesday, US Magistrate Judge Christopher D. Baker, in the Eastern District of California, temporarily halted the implementation of DEI regulations set by the California Community Colleges.

These DEI rules were designed to assess employees based on their “demonstrated, or progress toward, proficiency in diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility,” as stated in a May memo from the leaders of the California Community Colleges.

However, in his ruling, Judge Baker expressed concerns that these regulations might conflict with the First Amendment, The Daily Caller reports.

“Although Defendants’ aim of promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in California’s system of community colleges undoubtedly is important and Defendants are entitled to encourage their employees to embrace these tenets, Plaintiff has shown a likelihood of success on the merits that the regulatory scheme Defendants have put in place to advance these interests is contrary to the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech in the academic arena,” the judge’s ruling reads.

This suspension of the DEI rules follows a lawsuit filed in June by Bakersfield Community College Professor Daymon Johnson, who claimed his colleague Matthew Garrett was dismissed for his political views. The lawsuit sought an injunction against the enforcement of these DEI regulations.

Responding to this development, the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office disagreed with the judge’s decision.

“We strongly disagree with the recommendation by the magistrate and will have a more detailed response within the next 14 days,” the office told The Caller.

“It is well established that faculty and staff proficient in diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility creates a safer, more inclusive, and more effective learning environment for all students in a system as large and diverse as the California Community Colleges,” it added.

Another similar lawsuit has been filed against the California Community Colleges’ DEI regulations.

In August, the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression sued the state on behalf of six professors to prevent the enforcement of DEI rules in classrooms.

The professors argue that these rules compel them to promote “anti-racist” ideologies, infringing upon their First and Fourteenth Amendment rights.