Hunter Confesses


( – In a bombshell confession of the obvious, a scandalous Hunter Biden has finally admitted in a congressional testimony that his father, Joe Biden, was called “the big guy” by the first son’s business partners, but still denied that the president ever had any stake in his business.

The President’s son, confirmed in his deposition for the impeachment inquiry on Wednesday that “the big guy” mentioned in an email regarding a lucrative deal with a Chinese state-affiliated energy company, CEFC China Energy, referred to his father, Joe Biden.

This confirmation comes over three years after The New York Post first reported the story, the conservative news outlet points out.

However, Hunter Biden dismissed the idea that the President was allocated a 10% share in the business.

This deposition marks the first instance where Hunter Biden, 54, acknowledged that his previous business associate, James Gilliar, was indeed alluding to Joe Biden when he proposed on May 13, 2017, that Hunter hold a 10% share in the profitable partnership with CEFC China Energy “for the big guy.”

Hunter Biden expressed confusion over Gilliar’s reference, stating, “I truly don’t know what the hell that James was talking about,” according to a transcript made public on Thursday. He added, “All I know is … what actually happened.”

The controversial email was discovered on Hunter Biden’s forgotten laptop and was initially brought to light by The Post in October 2020, amid explosive reports on Hunter Biden’s alleged influence-peddling activities.

Hunter Biden and his defenders have long contested the authenticity of the laptop’s contents, arguing they were either not his or had been tampered with by malicious entities.

Numerous former intelligence officials have claimed the information bore signs of a Russian attempt to meddle in the election.

Further in his testimony, Hunter described Gilliar’s idea of involving his father as a “pie in the sky idea,” given Joe Biden had just concluded his term as Vice President under Barack Obama.

Hunter imagined Gilliar’s thought process as, “Like, ‘Joe Biden’s out of the office. Maybe we’ll be able to get him involved.’”

“Remember, again, is that Joe Biden, for first time in 48 years, is not an elected official and is not seeking office. And so James is probably, like, ‘Wow, wouldn’t be great if a former Vice President could be in our business together?'” the first son emphasized.

Hunter insisted that had he seen Gilliar’s email at the time, he would have immediately dismissed it as ludicrous.

“I would have picked up the phone and said, ‘You’re out of your mind.’ I shut it down, and the evidence of me shutting it down is the actual things you have as evidence,” the younger Biden said.

“Remember that. The agreement, the executed agreement, the executed agreement to create a company that was never operated, that’s what happened. That’s the evidence you have … Nothing to do with my dad, zero,” he elaborated.

The President himself responded with irritation when a reporter questioned him about the nickname “the big guy,” which his brother Frank and several of Hunter’s associates had used.

“Why do you ask such a dumb question?” Biden retorted in June 2023.

James Comer (R-Ky.), Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, labeled the transaction with CEFC China Energy as “money laundering” during a break from the deposition.

He highlighted a complex series of financial transactions culminating in a $40,000 check from Joe Biden’s brother James as a “loan repayment,” following a $5 million wire transfer to Hunter from CEFC just days after Hunter mentioned waiting for a call with his father.

In the deposition, Hunter Biden characterized his financial dealings with his father as typical familial support: “a normal son [who] would take care of something for their dad or their dad would take care of something for their son.”