Hunter Destroyed By Whistleblower

Hunter Biden

( – IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley has exposed “shocking” information about how the Biden administration’s Justice Department shielded Hunter Biden from serious prosecution for his crimes.

Shapley, a special agent for the Criminal Investigation division of the Internal Revenue Service, has spoken in his first TV interview after in May, he testified before Congress, and the House Ways and Means Committee released his testimony last week.

The whistleblower’s revelations come simultaneously with the recently announced deal Hunter Biden has reached with the DOJ on tax and gun possession charges that would likely result in no prison time for him.

“Based on my experience, if this was a small business owner or any other non-connected individual, they would have been charged with felony counts,” Shapley told CBS News.

“We have to make sure as a special agent for IRS Criminal Investigation that we treat every single person exactly the same. And that just simply didn’t happen here,” he said, as cited by Newsmax.

He said his investigative work on Hunter Biden was hampered by constant DOJ interventions. Probes of money trails involving “dad” or “the big guy,” i.e., President Joe Biden, was prevented by a senior prosecutor from the office of US Attorney David Weiss, who technically led the investigation.

“I would say that they limited certain investigative leads that could have potentially provided information on the president of the United States,” revealed the IRS investigator of 14 years.

He and another IRS whistleblower doubted Weiss could bring charges he saw fit, as Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland has insisted.

“Weiss stated that he is not the deciding person on whether charges are filed,” Shapley wrote to his supervisor after an October 7, 2022, meeting with the US Attorney.

“There were really earth-shaking statements made by David Weiss that really brought to light some of my previous concerns. And the first one was that he is not the deciding person on whether or not charges are filed. It was just shocking to me,” Shapley told CBS.

“I documented exactly what happened. And it doesn’t seem to match what the attorney general or the US attorney are saying today,” he added.

The whistleblower also revealed Hunter Biden wrote off payments for “prostitutes, sex club memberships, travel for the prostitutes, hotel rooms for purported drug dealers, no-show employees” as business expenses.