Hunter’s New Potentially Corrupt Way To Make Millions As First Son

Joe and Hunter Biden

( – First Son Hunter Biden has sold about a dozen paintings for sums as high as $500,000 in the two years since his father, Joe Biden, became president of the United States, a report reveals.

Even though Hunter Biden is a novice painter, who is also being investigated for tax fraud, he has made at least several hundred thousand dollars from each of the sales, according to a report by The Washington Post cited by Breitbart News.

At the same time, the average annual earnings of American artists amount to $73,013.

There have been reports that in 2021, Hunter Biden sold five paintings for $375,000 each.

However, a new estimate by a gallerist says he has sold about 12 paintings since his father became president, each somewhat under his asking price of $500,000.

Adam Thompson, a prominent Miami-based artist, said Hunter Biden’s paintings were “not bad” for a beginner.

Yet, he added that the First Son’s artwork was “not $500,000 good” and would be worth only “$4,000-$5,000” if the painter weren’t the president’s son.

“It’s nowhere near as good as George W. Bush’s art,” Thompson said, referring to the former Republican US president who is also a painter.

“To ask for up to $500,000 is just a blatant payoff. The real problem lies in the people who are buying it at the outrageous prices they’re selling for,” he elaborated.

The fact that Hunter Biden has sold paintings for hundreds of thousands of dollars to anonymous buyers has caused suspicions.

Last year, Republican US Rep. James Comer, who now chairs the House Oversight Committee, said he was “95 percent sure” Hutner’s art was purchased by Chinese buyers, which could implicate President Joe Biden.

A 2020 Senate subcommittee report outlined how the art market had been a vehicle for corruption and money laundering.

“A large number of art sales happen through intermediaries referred to as ‘art advisors’ who can represent both purchasers and sellers. In a typical transaction, a purchaser may not ask who owns the piece of art they are purchasing; the seller may not ask for whom it is being purchased or the origin of the money,” the report said.

Hunter Biden’s art dealer, Georges Bergès, has been doing business in China. He has refused a call to testify before the House Oversight Committee and has hired a lawyer.

Bergès has defended Hunter Biden and his art in a Washington Post interview, claiming that the First Son might “become one of the most consequential artists in this century.”

Joe Biden’s White House and his son Hunter have defended the latter’s art scheme as a legitimate business venture.

“F*** ’em… Look, man, the value of an artist’s work is, umm, not necessarily determined by the price. But the price is completely subjective. … It has nothing to do with anything other than, you know, the moment,” Hunter told the Nota Bene podcast.