Hypocrisy Is the New Norm

UKRAINE - 2021/01/10: In this photo illustration the Parler logo seen in front of a silhouette hand holding a smartphone. Google, Apple and Amazon have suspended the social networking app Parler. Parler became unavailable in App Store, Google Play and Amazon Web Services, reportedly as said insufficient control over user posts that encouraged violence, reportedly by media. (Photo Illustration by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

If there’s anything Democrats can be known for, it’s hypocrisy. It seems like the one constant they can be known for. The rules they create for others, specifically for those on the political right, don’t apply in any way to them.

This is apparently to be expected, but it seems that now it is being normalized. Little was done to deal with the rioters of 2020, regardless of them doing over two billion dollars worth of damage. But apparently the rioters who entered the capitol building are the worst criminals in the world, and deserve two books thrown at them, if not three.

I’m not saying that those who committed crimes in entering the capitol building and rioting shouldn’t be subject to the law. By no means. They broke the law and should have to pay the consequences, regardless of their reason. Rather, the problem is that this standard is not being applied across the board. Democrats refused to condemn the rioting of the left, going so far as to set them free without charges being pressed against them, while condemning not only those who entered the capitol building illegally, but every Trump supporter at the same time.

We’ve all heard how President Trump was banished from all social media platforms for supposedly inciting violence at the capitol. But if you actually read the transcript of his speech, there was nothing he said that could legitimately be called inciting violence. All he said was “let’s walk down Pennsylvania Ave. to the Capitol.” It was a peaceful statement; not a call for violence.

Yet there have been several leftist lawmakers who have called for violence against Trump and his supporters. They are all still active on those social media platforms. If Trump’s comments were in contrary to their “terms of service” than those comments should have been much more so. Yet, they have not been deemed to be wrong.

Likewise, Parler was deplatformed by the big tech companies, supposedly because there were people on there who were using the platform to organize violent protests. Yet Facebook and Twitter have been used by BLM and ANTIFA for those very same purposes. Why aren’t they deplatformed?

As it has been for over a decade, “truth” for the left is whatever they define it to be. Anything that doesn’t agree with their ideas is automatically considered to be false and needs to be suppressed. Whoever said it needs to be punished. This is the America we live in today and what we can expect as long as the Democrats are in power.