Idaho Murder Suspect Stalked Victims; Returned To Crime Scene

Bryan Kohberger

( – The man charged with killing four Idaho college students reportedly returned to the scene of the crime just hours after he allegedly committed the bloody and brutal mass slaying and stalked the home where the students lived at least a dozen times, according to a just-released affidavit in support of his arrest.

According to a new piece published by the New York Post:

“The Idaho college murders suspect returned to the crime scene area where he allegedly stabbed four students to death — and may have stalked their home a dozen times before the attack, according to an affidavit released Thursday.

“Bryan Kohberger’s cell phone pinged its location in the area of the student house at 1122 King Street in Moscow at around 9 a.m. on Nov. 13, just five hours after he allegedly broke into the property and killed the four students in cold blood, according to to the probable cause affidavit.

“Kohberger, 28, left his apartment in Pullman, Washington at around 9 a.m. and arrived in the vicinity of the home between 9:12 a.m. and 9:21 a.m. that day, according to cellphone data collected by the Moscow Police Department.” [emphasis added]

The affidavit also states in regards to his having stalked the home and presumably the victims “[o]n at least twelve occasions prior to November 13, 2022. All of these occasions, except for one, occurred in the late evening and early morning hours of their respective days.”

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Veteran crime reporters say that if true, Kohberger appears to be a modern-day Ted Bundy — one of the most notorious mass murderers and serial killers in American history.