Illegal Alien Deported 7 Times Opens Fire on Cops

Pablo Nava-Jaimes

( – An illegal immigrant from Mexico with a very long criminal and deportations record has been busted after opening fire on police officers in Minnesota after firing during a drunk-driving high-speed chase – yet he is about to be let go on a tiny bail thanks to the apparent leniency of a Democrat-appointed judge.

A 31-year-old citizen of Mexico, Pablo Nava-Jaimes, who is illegally in the United States, was arrested in early June in Ramsey County, Minnesota after he refused to pull over while driving drunk and took the police on a chase of 100 mph while shooting at them ten times.

During that entire wild “adventure,” the illegal Mexican had his pregnant wife with him in the passenger seat, Breitbart News reported citing local media.

The police chase ended only after he tried to escape on foot with his wife and even managed to toss over a fence the pistol that he fired at the police, who promptly recovered the firearm.

To top it all off, Nava-Jaimes was wanted for narcotics crimes and driving with open containers. At the time of his arrest, he was with a suspended driver’s license.

The illegal Mexican, however, turned out to have a lot more of a criminal history than what occurred during his latest violation of numerous American laws.

According to data confirmed by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), he was deported from the United States seven times for illegal entry between 2008 and 2010.

An ICE spokesman said the suspect is presently on his eighth illegal entry into the US – although it remains unclear when exactly he came in. In 2021 alone, the administration of President Joe Biden presided over an influx of a record number of illegal immigrants through the Southern Border.

Nava-Jaimes was arrested twice on US soil last year – in June and December – first on drug, assault, and domestic violence charges and then for drug possession. It remains unknown why ICE didn’t detain him after those arrests.

The illegal Mexican can now get out of custody by paying only $10,000 after Kellie Charles, a Democrat-appointed judge, downgraded his bail to only $100,000 from the $5 million bond he was originally booked on.