Illegals Now Getting WHAT in California?!?

Gavin Newsom

( – Illegal immigrants can now acquire any identification document of the state of California under a new bill signed into law by its Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom.

The new law allows any individuals residing in California to obtain a state ID regardless of their immigration status and whether they violated the national borders and laws of the United States of America.

In a similar policy change adopted last month, Los Angeles County, one of California’s largest, allowed illegal immigrants to become municipal employees.

“We’re a state of refuge – a majority-minority state, where 27 percent of us are immigrants,” Governor Gavin Newsom said after signing the legislation at the end of last week, as cited by Fox News.

“That’s why I’m proud to announce the signing of today’s bills to further support our immigrant community, which makes our state stronger every single day,” he added.

California already had a law passed in 2013 which allowed any state resident to obtain a driver’s license. However, the new legislation has now made it possible for non-driving illegal immigrants also to receive IDs issued by the state.

The newly passed law defines ID cards as “passports to economic and societal participation,” which would enable illegal immigrants to use banking services, receive government benefits, and access health care.

Data from the Public Policy Institute of California shows that about 22% of California’s almost 11 million immigrants are illegals – or close to 2.5 million.

The next after he signed the new law, Newsom flew to Texas, where he attacked its GOP Governor Greg Abbott and the Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis for shipping off illegal immigrants to Democrat-run communities on the East Coast and up north.

“The one thing that he did is he broke with precedent, any precedent of decency and honor, his lack of character on display,” Newsom said about DeSantis.

“He comes into another state – your state – to try to find pawns in a political game, rounds them up, sends them to an island, and then fundraises off it. What does that say about his character and the character of the Republican Party that celebrated that act of cruelty and dehumanization?” California’s Governor added.

Newsom went to Texas even though, since 2017, his state has banned California officials from traveling to the Lone Star State.

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