Investigator: Hillary Paying Fines Is Hush Money

Kash Patel

( – Is Hillary Clinton paying FEC fines as a means of hush money so the media and the public won’t look more carefully at the Russian hoax former President Donald Trump and millions of others believe Clinton and the DNC spearheaded in an attempt to prevent Trump from becoming President of the United States?

One key player in the investigation of Clinton’s actions certainly believes so.

As ZeroHedge notes in “Clinton Campaign, DNC Are Paying FEC Fines In Effort To Bury Story: Kash Patel“:

“The lead investigator for the House Intelligence Committee’s 2018 probe into the FBI’s investigation of alleged Trump–Russia collusion, Kash Patel, said the fact that the Hillary Clinton campaign is paying a penalty to Federal Election Commission (FEC) is an admittance of guilt.

“Clinton and DNC are doing so to bury the narrative and prevent more media coverage of these illegal activities, said Patel.” [emphasis added]

Specifically, Patel alleges:

“I think the public sees what that is. It’s their way of burying the narrative, because if they contested what happens, more media coverage, more people start looking into these things,” Patel said.

“So the Hillary Clinton campaign is not contesting it, they’re paying the fine. It’s basically admitting that they did this and they’re out is: ‘we just don’t want a protracted legal deal, as if the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC ever shied away from taking something or someone to court,” Patel added.

Bottom line: Patel makes an excellent point. With the fines paid, the case is likely to go silent for all time.

What is your opinion? Do you agree with Patel? Do you think Hillary Clinton is a criminal, and she’s paying the FEC fines as a form of hush money? Please email [email protected] and share your view. Thank you, and have a good day.