ISIS Bomber Who Killed 13 U.S. Troops Escaped During Biden’s Withdrawal

ISIS Bomber Who Killed 13 U.S. Troops Escaped During Biden's Withdrawal

( – The Taliban’s rapid rise to power in Afghanistan culminated when it captured Kabul on August 15, 2021. Tragically, a suicide bomber targeted US evacuation efforts just outside of Khwaja Rawash Airport only 10 days later. The resulting blast killed 169 Afghans and 13 US service members.

Reports from Indian intelligence officers are now raising questions about whether the Biden administration’s shaky and “disorganized” withdrawal contributed to the catastrophic assault.

In a September 28 statement, US Representative Ken Calvert (R-CA) reveals that CIA forces initially captured Abdul Rehman Al-Loghri, the bomber responsible for the tragic attack, in 2017. They incarcerated the man at Parwan Detention Facility near Bagram Air Base, where he remained until Taliban forces took Kabul on August 15.

Intelligence reports show they set the known ISIS-K operative free a short time later.

Calvert, a ranking member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, claims the questionable release wasn’t an isolated incident. The Taliban freed a total of 7,000 people from Parwan Detention Facility after stepping into power.

The GOP leader accuses the Biden administration of actively ignoring intelligence reports, a handful of which came from our own national security experts. He feels Americans have the right to know the truth about what contributed to such a grave and extensive loss of life. At the very least, families of attack victims deserve to know why they lost their loved ones that day.

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