It’s ‘Doomsday’ For Democrats

( – The Democratic Party is quickly and surely heading towards a doomsday scenario in the midterm elections in November, and the scope of its electoral bloodbath is worse than its strategists already feared, according to a report.

The looming disaster for the left is also emerging as a reality due to the still soaring inflation and gas prices coupled with President Joe Biden’s collapsing popularity, concludes an analysis by The Hill, which is generally considered a centrist publication.

It notes that the Democrats’ chances of keeping their present small majority in the US House of Representatives have become “slimmer than ever.”

In the US Senate, where at 50/50, the Democrat majority has been based solely on the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris, there are growing fears that the swing state races the left has been hopeful about may end in their loss.

The report emphasizes that “things are bad in Biden’s Washington — and getting worse,” regardless of the direction in which the voters may choose to look.

“Democrats haven’t done things they promised. In this environment, the best general election candidates will be bold [ones] that can distinguish themselves from what we’re getting from the White House,” said Connor Farrell, a far-left strategist and founder of Left Rising, a progressivist consultancy.

The report looks at a recent public opinion poll by The New York Times, which found that only 13% of Americans consider the nation on the right path.

It also established that just 27% of Democrat voters believe that the US is on the right track, while 63% of them think that precisely the opposite is true. At the same time, a full 64% of them don’t wish to see Joe Biden even attempt to clinch their party’s 2020 presidential

“They’re not just losing Independents or you know, Never-Trump Republicans. They’re losing their own voters. Democrats’ own voters don’t feel as if their leaders hear their concerns,” said Jon Reinish, managing director of Mercury, a political strategy firm.

In the present Democrat predicament, many of their strategists think that the party should clear the way for progressive, far-left candidates and that any “Old Guard” Democrats should step out of their way.

“We think our progressivist candidates are best positioned to survive the crosswinds. They are the most forceful in advocating for what Democratic voters actually want – bold leadership,” Farrell noted.