Jason Aldean’s ‘Try That in a Small Town’ – Huge Update

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Jason Aldean’s anti-woke country hit “Try That in a Small Town” has reached the No. 2 spot on Billboard Hot 100 this week after its music video raised hue and cry among whiny liberals.

“Try That in a Small Town” debuted second only to BTS’s Jung Kook single “Seven,” featuring Latto, The Washington Times reports.

The anti-woke song has raked in nearly 20 million views on YouTube in the 11 days since it was posted and remains the No. 1 trending video in the platform’s music category.

Luminate data shows it reached 11.7 million on-demand audio and video streams between July 14 and 20, a 1,000% spike from the previous week.

Before its music video was published on July 14, the three-minute track had 987,000 streams in the U.S.

Since then, the digital song sales for “Try That in a Small Town” went from 1,000 to 228,000.

Country Music Television (CMT) removed the country hit’s video after only one weekend over leftist protests about its lyrics and setting.

“Cuss out a cop, spit in his face / Stomp on the flag and light it up / Yeah, ya think you’re tough… Got a gun that my granddad gave me / They say one day they’re gonna round up / Well, that (expletive) might fly in the city, good luck / Try that in a small town,” read the lyrics written by Neil Thrasher, Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy, and Kelley Lovelace.

The video shows Aldean performing outside the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee.

The report notes that the location is the site of the 1946 Columbia race riot and the 1927 mob lynching of an 18-year-old Black teenager named Henry Choate.

Leftist activists and social media users have attacked the music video as “pro-lunching” and a “dog whistle.”

“There is not a single lyric in the song that references race or points to it – and there isn’t a single video clip that isn’t real news footage – and while I can try and respect others to have their own interpretation of a song with music – this one goes too far,” Aldean reacted in a tweet on Tuesday.