Joe and Kamala Set Deadly Record

Illegals Crossing Into US

( – A gruesome report from the US Border Patrol reveals the 2022 fiscal year was the deadliest ever for illegal aliens entering the United States, as officers discovered 880 bodies along the Southern Border.

The Washington Examiner acquired the Border Patrol report in a Freedom of Information Act request, Breitbart News reported.

The number of illegal aliens who perished along the US-Mexican border in Fiscal Year 2022 is likely to be significantly higher since the tally does not include those found dead beyond the border area or the bodies discovered by Mexican authorities.

The report reveals that most illegal immigrant deaths between October 1, 2021, and September 30, 2022, were registered in the South Central Region of Texas.

Officers in the Del Rio Sector of the US Border Patrol found 255 dead bodies in the 2022 fiscal year, while the Rio Grande Valley Sector saw 210 cases.

A total of 91 bodies or remains of migrants were found in 2022 in Brooks County, Texas, which is the latter sector, as per data that Breitbart Texas acquired from the local sheriff’s office.

According to Brooks County Sherriff Benny Martinez, the number of deaths in his county was probably higher than recorded. However, the number of discoveries was likely reduced by the Border Patrol shifting its resources away from his county.

“Unfortunately, [these deaths are a] consequence of the government’s policies that created the massive influx of people crossing the border illegally into Texas,” Sheriff Martinez said.

“We continue to see a record number of body recoveries in our county,” he added.

The record migrant death count registered last fiscal year led the United Nations to issue a declaration that said the US-Mexican border was the deadliest land border for migrants worldwide.

It is noted that the most frequent causes of illegal immigrant deaths on the Southern Border are drowning, heat, and car accidents.

Illegal immigrant deaths at the border have spiked under President Joe Biden, with 1,448 cases: 880 in FY 2022 and 568 in FY 2021, which covered the first eight months of his term.

The number of migrant deaths during the first 20 months of Biden’s presidency thus surpasses the death count of 1,133 from President Donald Trump’s four years in the White House (FY 2020 — 254; FY 2019 — 300; FY 2018 — 281; FY 2017 — 298).

The same period – the first two fiscal years of the Biden administration – saw a tremendous increase in the number of illegal immigrants invading the United States.

Thus, in FY21-22, US Border Patrol agents apprehended over 4.1 million illegals on the Southern Border.

Over 6 million illegal immigrants have entered the US on Joe Biden’s watch, including over 1 million gotaways.