Kamala Steps on Landmine in Condemning Russia’s Griner Sentence

Kamala Harris

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Kamala Harris slammed Russia for sentencing WNBA player Brittney Griner to 9 years in prison for drug possession – only to be reminded that as Attorney General of California, she championed similar harsh sentences for the same kind of crime.

31-year-old Griner, arrested at an airport in Moscow with marijuana vaping materials back in February, is expected to be released and brought back home to America in a prisoner exchange with Russia.

The US government has offered to exchange her and a former US Marine in Russian custody, Paul Whelan, for international arms trafficker Viktor Bout, aka the “Merchant of Death.” Russia, however, is reportedly demanding one more Russian criminal be released from a US prison.

As she rushed to denounce Russia for Griner’s sentence, Vice President Harris may have disregarded her record as a prosecutor championing harsh prison terms for drug possession.

“With today’s sentencing, Russia continues its wrongful detention of Brittney Griner. She should be released immediately,” Harris declared on Twitter.

“[President Biden and I] are working every day to reunite Brittney, as well as Paul Whelan, with loved ones who miss each of them dearly,” the vice president added.

However, Twitter users critical of Harris reacted by pointing out her record as the Attorney General of California, where she locked up thousands of people for the possession of marijuana.

“Brittney Griner got 9 years for drug possession in Russia… which sounds like most of the criminal sentences Kamala Harris got people for the same thing when she was Attorney General of California,” author Tim Young wrote.

An investigation by the Washington Free Beacon discovered in 2019 that at least 1,560 people went to prison in California on marijuana charges during 2011-2016 when Harris was the Attorney General.

Before that, however, during her time as a District Attorney, there were no fewer than 1,900 marijuana convictions, as per Mercury News.

In fact, as the District Attorney, Harris oversaw more than 1,900 marijuana convictions, and prosecutors in her office convicted people on marijuana charges at a higher rate than her predecessor.