Kari Lake UNLOADS – Blames Biden For THIS

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Contender in Arizona’s Republican Senate primary, Kari Lake blamed Joe Biden and the Democratic Party for effectively encouraging illegal immigration with their open-border policies.

During an interview, Lake criticized Biden and congressional Democrats for the surge in illegal border crossings, citing recent crimes allegedly committed by illegal aliens.

“We need a legal immigration system that benefits America,” Lake emphasized.

She further stated, “criminals, hardened criminals, rapists, murderers, and terrorists that have been ushered in because Joe Biden has rolled out the welcome mat, and he’s gotten support from people like the guy I’m running against.”

In the above statement she referred to Representative Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), whom she described as “a proponent of open borders.”

Moreover, Lake pointed to a recent incident involving an illegal alien from El Salvador accused of murdering a mother of five in Maryland and slammed Gallego for advocating policies that would allow such individuals into the country.

“He wants to welcome murderers and rapists into this country,” she said, “and worse yet, wants to grant them citizenship, free housing, work permits, and the right to vote.”

Lake also referenced “a recent poll,” likely referring to a May survey by CBS News and YouGov, which she claimed shows that voters want those who entered during the Biden administration to be deported.

She noted that 44% of the Hispanic population says, ‘No, we don’t want this.’ This underlined that they do not want people coming in and competing with them for jobs, driving their wages down, and competing with them for housing.

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