Key State Sends 30,000 Voter Registration Notices to Non-Citizens

Jena Griswold

( – In what Democrats call a mistake while Republicans wonder if something more sinister was in play, the Colorado Secretary of State, Democrat Jena Griswold, mailed out 30,000 voter registration cards to “non-citizens.”

Colorado — considered a pivotal state in recent election cycles as it shifted from a reliably red state to a purple state now trending blue but known for electoral surprises — has a Democrat US Senator who, if defeated this November in what is expected to be a good year for Republican candidates, could change the balance of power in the United States Senate.

As the Daily Caller tells the tale in “Colorado Claims 30,000 Voter Registration Notices Sent To Non-Citizens Were A Mistake“:

“The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office said they mistakenly mailed thousands of voter registration notices to non-citizens.

“The Eligible But Unregistered (EBU) forms were sent to nearly 30,000 individuals with non-citizen Colorado driver’s licenses, CPR News reported. The state sends postcards to residents every two years if it is believed that they are not registered to vote.

The card read, ‘Make sure your voice is heard this November,’ and directed residents to register on the state website, the outlet reported.” [emphasis added]

Colorado says it was all just one big mistake.

“‘The Department has become aware that approximately 30,000 EBU postcard mailers were incorrectly sent to ineligible Coloradans,’ said a spokesperson for the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. ‘The office is undertaking an internal review of the incident and will take any corrective action that is warranted.'” [emphasis added]

What is your opinion? Do you think it was a mistake? Or do you believe the Democrat Secretary of State was trying to register illegal immigrants to vote? Please share your thoughts by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.