Kim Jong Un Says US Threatens Peace As Pressure Mounts

Kim Jong Un Says US Threatens Peace As Pressure Mounts

( – North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, has previously stated that his country’s development of missiles is necessary to its defense. The leader of North Korea reiterated once again that missile and weapons development is in the best interest of his country. Except this time, the dictator pointed fingers at the United States.

With some of the country’s largest missiles in his presence, Kim Jong-Un insisted the country needed to create new weapons in the face of foreign policies. He asserted that North Korea’s continuing development was out of necessity for self-defense and not to start a war.

The US State Department admitted its goal was to completely denuclearize North Korea but mentioned that the United States has no hostile intention. The State Department indicated it was willing and ready, without preconditions, to diplomatically meet with North Korea. Kim Jong-Un asserted that negotiations with Washington would remain on hold until the United States amended its sanctions against North Korea and ceased its South Korean military actions. Kim Jong-Un noted that Washington’s claim of no hostile intent was hard to believe, and US officials continued to misjudge North Korea.

North and South Korea re-established hotlines between Seoul and Pyongyang last week, and Kim Jong-Un is pushing South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, to increase efforts to restore a relationship. The North Korean leader stated that the continued development of weapons by their Southern counterparts is threatening the military balance in the Korean Peninsula and causing dangerous instability.

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