Leftist Dark Money Exposed

Red light

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – In a revelation sure to alarm American conservatives and patriots, a new report has disclosed that what might be the nation’s most menacing leftist “dark money” network is expanding like an octopus growing new tentacles – thus boosting its own capacity to determine election outcomes.

The nation’s foremost left-leaning dark money powerhouse, Arabella Advisors, has discreetly integrated a new entity into its consortium of nonprofits, as revealed by recent documentation, The Washington Free Beacon reveals, cited by The Daily Caller.

The Telescope Fund, which was launched in 2021, is the latest known addition to a group orchestrated by the shadowy Arabella Advisors, bringing the total number of its organizations to seven.

The report stresses the network’s reputation for channeling vast sums of untraceable funds into progressivist and far-leftist political factions and advocacy collectives.

The newly established nonprofit is set to administer donor-advised funds (DAFs), a philanthropic vehicle enabling contributors to mask their financial support by channeling donations through a DAF.

Such funds are allocated to beneficiaries based on the recommendations of the initial donor, subject to the approval of the charity overseeing the fund.

Thus, contributions are attributed to the charity, effectively concealing the origin of the funds.

Arabella’s coalition stands as a pivotal financial conduit for the American progressivist movement, The Caller points out.

Entities under its management have funneled substantial resources into initiatives aimed at mobilizing voters inclined towards Democrat causes, organizations advocating for abortionism, left-leaning political committees, and various other progressivist efforts.

Documentation obtained by The Free Beacon confirms Arabella Advisors’ stewardship over the Telescope Fund.

A representative for Arabella Advisors affirmed the firm’s association with the Telescope Fund to The Caller.

“Arabella Advisors works for the Telescope Fund, not the other way around,” stated Steve Sampson, a spokesperson for Arabella Advisors.

“We are proud to provide administrative support and accounting services related to the fund’s grantmaking and operations,” he added.

The launch of the Telescope Fund in 2021 was as a subsidiary of the New Venture Fund, managed by Arabella, according to The Free Beacon.

The Attorney General of the District of Columbia is scrutinizing the New Venture Fund for potential violations of charity laws through its efforts to support the election of Democrat candidates. It is technically banned from such political activity due to its 501(c)(3) status.