Leftist Professors: America’s National Parks Promote ‘White Supremacy’

Yellowstone National Park

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – According to a just-released “research” article authored by several university professors and researchers, America’s National Parks are promoting “white supremacy.”

The article is headlined, “Words are monuments: Patterns in US national park place names perpetuate settler colonial mythologies including white supremacy.”

Thanks to the excellent reporting at The College Fix, we now know that these professors and researchers believe they’ve “identified 960 places within 16 of the country’s 62 national parks that contain ‘racist’ names that promote ‘white supremacy,’ ‘racism,’ ‘settler colonialism’ or ‘anti-Indigenous ideologies.'” [We encourage you to read the entire report from The College Fix. You can do so by clicking HERE.]

And according to the authors of the research article, elements of racism are pervasive throughout the National Park system.

“The research team ‘examined the origins of over 2,200 place names in 16 national parks in the United States’ and found all of the locations ‘have place names that tacitly endorse racist or, more specifically, anti-Indigenous ideologies.’ There are a total of 62 national parks.”

The authors’ bottom line?

“These names are ‘thus perpetuating settler colonialism and white supremacy at the system scale for future generations.'”

Further, they believe that “white hegemonic symbols embedded in parks can contribute to a perception that white people are the primary stewards and knowledge keepers of nature.”

Reporters at The College Fix reached out to several of the “research article” authors with a series of questions but got no response.

Again, we encourage you to read the entire report from The College Fix. You can do so by clicking HERE.

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