Lib City Releases Thug Early; Murders Promising Young Woman

( – In a new outrageously heinous act aided and abetted by leftist pro-crime policies courtesy of George Soros, a promising young woman was allegedly murdered by a violent sex offender released after serving only seven years of his 30-year prison sentence.

An arrest warrant has been issued for the suspect, 32-year-old Jason Dean Billingsley, over the murder of Pava LaPere, 26, the CEO of a Baltimore tech firm.

The founder and chief of the company EcoMap Technologies was found dead in her apartment complex in the Bromo Arts District after she was reported missing on Monday.

However, sources from the investigation later told The Baltimore Banner that her body was found on the building’s roof, partly clothed and with blunt-force trauma to her head, The New York Post reports.

As the leader of a tech startup, LaPere was named on the 2023 list of “30 under 30” for social impact by Forbes Magazine.

Acting Police Commissioner Richard Worley asked the public to alert 911 immediately if they had any information on Billingsley.

“This individual will kill, and he will rape. He will do anything he can to cause harm,” the police chief said.

“If you’re out there watching – hopefully you are – every single police officer in Baltimore City, the state of Maryland, as well as the US marshals, are looking for you. We will find you, so I would ask you to turn yourself in to any officer, any police station,” he added.

Baltimore Police records show the suspect was arrested and indicted in 2009, 2011, and 2013 on charges ranging from a sex offense and first-degree assault to second-degree assault and robbery.

In 2015, he pleaded guilty to a first-degree sex offense and ended up with a 30-year prison term.

Yet, Billingsley, whom the police describe as “extremely dangerous,” was let go after serving only seven years behind bars because of his “good-time credits.”

The decision of the parole commission was made under Democrat District Attorney Marilyn Mosby, whose campaign was funded by leftist billionaire George Soros, The Post reveals.

Besides LaPere’s murder, Billingsley is also wanted in connection with another attack committed several days earlier, on September 19.

The crime in question was a “knifepoint assault and arson” committed in Baltimore, which inflicted critical injuries to a man and a woman, both aged 26, while a 5-year-old suffered from smoke inhalation.