Liberal City Rolls Out Red Carpet For Illegals

Zach Iscol

( – New York City is rolling out the red carpet for illegal aliens, providing shelters with couches, televisions, free phones, Xboxes, and round-the-clock food and drinks — including “meals that are all culturally appropriate” made up of “South American fare.”

You can watch a video of what is happening and what is being provided further down this post.

According to the local Fox News station in a piece about the new shelters:

Over 18,000 asylum seekers have arrived in the city since the spring, overflowing the city’s shelter system and forcing the city to set up these Emergency Relief shelters.

“‘If you’re a single adult man, you’re going to come here to this facility starting tomorrow,’ Dr. Ted Long, a senior vice president at NYC Health + Hospitals, said to kick off a tour of the shelters.

“When migrants first walk in after intake, they will see a recreational room set up with rows of couches, TVs, Xbox consoles, and board games. There will also be a phone bank so migrants can connect with family in order to find permanent housing.” [emphasis added]


“A cafeteria will provide migrants with three meals a day. Snacks, coffee, and tea will be available 24/7.

“‘Those meals are all culturally appropriate,’ Emergency Management Commissioner Zachary Iscol said. ‘It is South American fare. The menu rotates on a regular basis.’ [emphasis added]

Here is the video:

What is your reaction to what New York City is providing illegal aliens? Do you think it will attract more illegals to the United States? Please share your opinion by emailing [email protected]. Thank you.