Liberals Storm Out Of Meeting With Biden Admin Over Trump-Era Rule

Liberals Storm Out Of Meeting With Biden Admin Over Trump-Era Rule

( – Tempers have been gradually rising over border policy, especially during the last several months. Finally, on October 16th, they reached a boiling point. Left wing immigration activists, in a show of heated disagreement, walked out during a virtual immigration policy meeting with Biden administration officials.

Activists took time before the meeting to read a statement they’d prepared disparaging the current administration’s efforts on immigration. They subsequently turned their backs on their fellow Democrats.

The Buildup

Pressure began to build in late September, when the Biden administration used Title 42 to send a group of Haitian immigrants in Texas back to their home country. The Department of Homeland Security acted swiftly to collect and deport the migrants.

Title 42 expulsion essentially allows border patrol agents to disallow asylum, or any other reason for an immigrant to stay, for the sake of public health safety. In the current pandemic the Biden administration has kept this practice alive to help defend against COVID spread. This reason didn’t hold enough ground in the eyes of immigration advocates.

Boiling Point

In the aftermath of numerous deportations of Haitian migrants last month, frustrations finally came to a point of no return. The straw broke the camel’s back with the Supreme Court’s ruling on Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP). Back in August a 6-3 ruling forced the Biden administration to adhere to Trump’s MPP.

Once current immigration officials announced the plan to proceed with the former president’s border policy, they lost the support of dozens of immigration advocates and the groups they represented.

Losing Support

Biden’s administration now has enemies on both sides of the aisle regarding immigration policy. It seems the president and his people are stuck between a rock and a hard place no matter who they try to appease or how they go about it. Politico quoted a White House official saying, “MPP is not an immigration policy we agree with or support.”

Even with this statement, activists are hard pressed to believe them. Luis Guerra, a strategic capacity officer at the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, doesn’t buy that they’re trying hard enough to restore stability at the border. Losing the trust of your enemy is a given, but it takes a certain kind of skill to lose the trust of some of your most supportive constituents.

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