Libertarian Party Announces Presidential Candidate

( – In a disappointment to Republicans, the Libertarian Party has decisively declined to endorse former Republican President Donald Trump, instead selecting as their presidential nominee activist Chase Oliver, known for his support for transgenderism.

The Libertarian Party’s decision was announced in an official release cited by The Daily Caller.

The party also rejected endorsing independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr..

The nomination ensued subsequent to presentations by both the former president and the independent candidate at the national convention, where they articulated their appeals for Libertarian backing.

Oliver clinched the nomination in the seventh round of voting, capturing nearly 60 percent of the votes, as reported by Fox News.

In his victory speech, Oliver articulated a vision of inclusivity and outreach.

“I will continue to bring a hopeful and positive message of liberty to both those who consider themselves libertarian and those who don’t know they are libertarian yet,” he declared.

Further elaborating on his campaign philosophy in an interview with the Daily Caller, Oliver expressed his commitment to being a unifying force.

“I am proud to be the voice for liberty as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president.”

He highlighted his and his running mate Mike ter Maat’s intent to propagate a message of genuine freedom and liberty across all states, emphasizing their focus on the younger demographics disillusioned with the current bipartisan system.

Previously an adherent of the Democratic Party and a supporter of President Barack Obama’s campaign, Oliver’s political allegiance shifted due to his dissatisfaction with the Democratic Party’s stance on military involvement in the Middle East.

He disclosed in a 2022 X post that Obama was the catalyst for his departure in search of an antiwar party, as reported by The Guardian.

Oliver has faced scrutiny regarding his position on transgender issues, to which he responded in an interview with the Daily Caller.

“As with any medical issue, I support autonomy from the government in making personal decisions. I prefer individuals decide the healthcare that is right for them in consultation with a doctor if they so choose, and not leave those decisions to boards of bureaucrats or the politicians who enable them,” he declared.

His campaign platform, as outlined on his website, advocates for significant reforms including terminating U.S. involvement and financing of wars, adopting an Ellis Island style immigration policy permitting entry for individuals without criminal records, repealing gun control legislation, abolishing the Patriot Act and the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, and reducing governmental interference in the economy to foster a vigorous free market.

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