Look Who Is Trying To End the Military Vaccine Mandate

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – A group of Republican United States Senators is going to battle to try and stop mandatory vaccines for military service members and to help those who’ve been terminated and penalized.

According to Breitbart News in a new piece headlined “Republican Senators Demand a Vote to End the Military Vaccine Mandate Before Voting on Defense Bill“:

“A diverse group of Republican senators is making a strong push to end the Biden administration’s military vaccine mandate and to reinstate discharged service members with back pay.

“The effort is being led by Sens. Rand Paul (KY), Rick Scott (FL), Lindsey Graham (SC), Mike Lee (UT), Ted Cruz (TX), Ron Johnson (WI), Mike Braun (IN), Roger Marshall (KS), Tommy Tuberville (AL), Marco Rubio (FL), Steve Daines (MT), Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS), and Josh Hawley (MO).” [emphasis added]

Yesterday, several members of the group held a press conference.

“Our young men and women in the military deserve better. The Biden administration’s vaccination mandate has forced our nation’s young patriotic men and women to choose between their faith and their career, between their medical autonomy and their career. At a time when the military is struggling to meet their targets for recruitment, the Biden administration is firing soldiers we invested in and trained,” Sen. Paul said. [emphasis added]

The Last Patriot News will watch for the outcome of this effort and bring it to you as soon as there are new developments.

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