Looney Left Compares Transgender Swimmer to This Black Pioneer

Transgendered Swimmer Lia Thomas

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – As a lifelong enthusiast of baseball and a diehard fan of sports, this news makes the editor of The Last Patriot News want to retch.

Mainstream media giant NBC is running a piece comparing transgender collegiate swimmer Lia Thomas to the baseball great and civil rights hero Jackie Robinson.

How anyone on planet Earth can make that comparison is beyond comprehension.

Yet, according to Breitbart in a piece headlined “NBC Op-Ed Compares Transgender Swimmer Lia Thomas to Jackie Robinson“:

“An op-ed featured in NBC compared famed Penn transgender swimmer Lia Thomas to Jackie Robinson – the first black American to play professional baseball.

“Written by Cheryl Cooky, Purdue University professor of American and gender studies, the op-ed argues that Thomas’ recent string of victories at the NCAA swimming championships, in which he beat out two silver Olympic medalists, ‘should be celebrated’ as an advancement of women’s sports. According to Cooky, Thomas, a man living as a woman, has shattered the notion of the sex segregation of women that sports have often promoted.” [emphasis added]

And here’s the part about Jacki Robinson:

“Today, athletes like Jackie Robinson are celebrated as ‘breaking the color barrier’ in sports, although that narrative often requires sanitizing, simplifying or rewriting a more complex, nuanced and contradictory history.

“There remains though a cultural investment in celebrating sports’ ‘firsts,’ whether that be Robinson as the first Black MLB player, the first openly gay active player in the NBA, the first nonbinary U.S. athlete to participate in the Winter Olympics or the first woman to score in a Power Five college football game. Many of the athletes who become the ‘first’ encounter resistance, backlash and opposition, especially from those who have historically benefited from the status quo in sports.”

Lots of flowery language. But the intent and outcome are all the same.

The author compares Lia Thomas — a man competing as a woman with a man’s body — favorably to Jackie Robinson. And that strikes us as utter nonsense.

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