Marine Arrested: ‘Only Way Out Is Bloodshed’

( – A US Marine has been arrested for issuing grave threats concerning mass shootings targeting white people, after he posted online that the “only way out is bloodshed,” in a case involving mental health issues, firearms, and violence, according to reports.

The Marine Joshua Cobb, a 23-year-old, was apprehended last Friday and during an interview with law enforcement, he disclosed that he had researched various racially motivated shooters, expressing a desire “to bring the pain” to “a rich white area,” as stated in the FBI’s affidavit that was submitted to justify his arrest.

Cobb’s digital footprint includes a disturbing array of posts on social media where he detailed his plans and fixations, The Washington Times reports.

On one platform, he bragged about using a crossbow to kill cats, describing one incident as a “very bloody scene and I loved it.”

He also expressed aspirations to evolve into a serial killer as a means to have others experience his suffering.

“Nobody [wants to] acknowledge that us young men in America have so many obstacles stacked against us we cannot excel no matter how hard we try,” he declared in a 2022 post.

“Especially those like myself who are BLACK & come from poverty. There is no way out for me. The only way out is bloodshed,” Cobb added.

In another post from 2023, he hinted at a familial history of mental illness and suspected he might be affected as well, but chose not to seek medical evaluation for fear of losing his gun license.

“No documented history but I definitely have problems but I refuse to get evaluated because I will lose my firearms license here in America,” he explained.

During a discussion with FBI agents last month at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms in California, Cobb revealed the targets he had considered, which included a high-end grocery store and a fitness center.

He noted an Aldi store in Robbinsville, New Jersey, as a potential target, comparing his intended act to that of Payton Gendron, who killed 10 people in a racially motivated attack in Buffalo, New York, in 2022.

Cobb expressed admiration for the “element of surprise and style” demonstrated by the shooter in that incident.

He also mentioned having watched footage of Nikolas Cruz, the perpetrator of the 2018 Florida high school massacre, with whom he felt a disturbing “connection” and shared pain.

The affidavit details Cobb’s access to weaponry, citing his connections who could provide guns or manufacture them using a 3D printer, and a relative who owned firearms.

“So I had access to guns, to this day, I do,” he stated.

His reaction to the FBI’s seizure of his cellphone was marked by anger.

“These are the things that make someone want to do the things we talked about,” he remarked to the agents.

Investigators discovered notes on his phone that laid out his struggles and intentions.

“I currently lack the means necessary to kill as many as I intend to but one day I will have the available resources (finance) to purchase the appropriate weaponry for my killing(s),” one note from March 2023 read.

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