More Unrest in the Works?

The year 2020 was marked by two things; the COVID-19 pandemic and BLM demonstrations, many of which turned into riots. Yet the one riot that has captured the mainstream media’s attention, is the one that happened at the capitol building on January 6th of 2021. Extreme right-wing or possibly alt-right elements broke into the capitol building to disrupt the Senate confirming the Electoral College vote. It was wrong; but it happened.

It’s amazing how many other riots have been ignored, so as to focus on this one. That’s called “selective journalism” and it’s something that happens all the time. As long as there are people in the news media who have a political opinion, bias is going to be there too. Selective journalism will abound, because it can be used to make one side look good and the other look bad. In other circles, this is called “fake news.”

Nevertheless, the riot on January 6th may be the beginning of a new spate of riots, as the FBI has uncovered people promoting armed protests in all 50 of the states and the US capital in Washington, Dc. These protests are clearly intended to be in response to the results of the November 2020 elections, and specifically the alleged voter fraud that happened in those elections.

Whether these are actually being organized by conservative groups is yet to be determined. There are rumors that these are false-flag operations, which are actually being pushed for the purpose of getting Trump supporters to take illegal action, so they can be arrested.

Regardless of who is organizing these “events,” it would be foolish for any Trump supporter to be involved in them. As it stands right now, the mainstream media, which is in bed with the Democrats, is ignoring the violence of last summer, calling the protests “mostly peaceful,” while making it seem as if all Trump supporters are complicit in destroying Democracy, because a few hundred people got into the capitol building.

There is nothing to be gained by continued violence from either side. While anger may be running high, allowing that anger to spill over into illegal acts is not an effective means of protest. Destruction is a mark of the left and should never become one for those of us on the right. We need to fight against this.

If any of these supposedly scheduled armed protests take place, all who have supported Trump will be blamed, as well as the president himself. In addition, any future riots by the left will be blamed on conservatives. It doesn’t matter that it won’t be true, the news media has the ability to make people think what they want. All they have to do is keep pointing back to January 6th, while ignoring the riots of 2020, and they will convince millions that all conservatives are dangerous and belong behind bars.

That’s the world we live in right now. Perhaps it will change again with time; but until it does, those of us who consider ourselves conservatives need to make sure that we don’t give the other side any ammunition they can use against us in the public sphere.