Most Voters Agree with Trump About THIS?!?

( – The majority of American voters believe that the potential indictment of President Donald Trump over an alleged “hush money” payment to a porn star will be “politically motivated,” a new public opinion poll has found.

The Harvard University and Harris survey asked whether a seemingly looming Trump indictment is politically motivated.

Close to two-thirds – 59% – agreed that it is, while 41% said they thought it a “valid indictment.”

For weeks now, there have been reports that Manhattan’s Democrat DA, Alvin Bragg, is preparing to indict Trump because, in 2016, his then-lawyer Michael Cohen paid $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels.

The payment was allegedly supposed to prevent Daniels from revealing to the public that she and Trump had an affair in 2006.

According to the Harvard-Harris poll, 80% of Republican voters think a possible Trump indictment will be political persecution, while 58% of independents believe the same.

Among Democrat voters, 41% agree that the potential indictment will be politically motivated, while 59% deem it “valid.”

The survey also asked US voters whether a trial of President Donald Trump would boost or damage his 2024 White House candidacy.

More than half – or 57% – of Republican voters think that a trial would help Trump’s chances of getting elected president again.

At the same time, 66% of Democrats are convinced that a potential trial would have the opposite effect of hurting Trump.

Independents are almost evenly divided, with 47% viewing such a development as a boost for the former president, while 53% think it would work to the detriment of his candidacy.

The survey also found that 53% of Americans – including the majority of Republicans and independents – hold the view that Democrat Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is “stretching a weak case” against Trump.

The Harvard-Harris public opinion poll was conducted from March 22-23, 2023.

Another recent poll – by Convention of States Action and Trafalgar Group poll – also established that most Americans don’t think Trump’s election prospects will suffer from an indictment.

According to the CSA-Trafalgar poll, only 25.7% of American voters believe an indictment would hurt Trump’s White House candidacy.

At the same time, a combined total of 74.3% think it would either help him or wouldn’t affect him at all – 37.5% said it would not affect him, and 36.8% said it would help him.

As per that survey, the overwhelming majority of Republican voters believe that an indictment and a trial would help Trump’s 2024 candidacy.

Among Democrats, 42.7% said it would hurt him, 42.5% said it would not affect his White House bid, and 14.8% said it would help him.