Mrs. ‘Corporate Greed’ Makes Millions Trading Their Stocks

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

( – If an alien landed from outer space and asked you who is the most corrupt politician in the federal government, who would you name?

If you said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat who has become fabulously wealthy while in office, you’d have a strong case.

As Newsmax reports:

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decries corporate greed, but that hasn’t stopped her from raking in as much as $30 million personally from insider stock trades on the very Big Tech companies she oversees in Congress.

“No surprise then that she is also blocking bipartisan efforts to prevent members of Congress from engaging in individual stock picks, according to a New York Post report.

“After decades in public service, Pelosi has amassed an estimated net worth of anywhere between $40 million and $252 million, and recently her family invested millions in call options — betting that the stock price would go up — on such companies as Google, Salesforce, Micron Technology and Roblox.

“At the same time, her critics noted that Pelosi was helping those companies by “slow-walking” Congressional efforts to rein in Big Tech.” [emphasis added]

Yes, it’s true. If you want to find evidence of political and financial corruption in the United States Congress, you need to look no further than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – one of the most corrupt individuals ever to be elected to national office in the history of the United States of America.

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