MSNBC Host Says Christians Are ‘Animals, Cattle’

Mehdi Hasan

( – There are times here at The Last Patriot News when we come across a video that speaks for itself, and the best way we can express what is taking place is to ask you to watch the entire video so you can see for yourself what has been uncovered.

In this case – (see the video below) – the video has been provided by Jack Posobiec, the well-known hist at Human Events who is also a former Navy intelligence officer.

What Posobiec has supplied and that upwards of 600,000 people have already viewed is a compilation video of statements by NBC/MSNBC Host Mehdi Hasan calling Christians the vilest things imaginable, including – amongst numerous slanderous descriptions – “animals” and “cattle.”

Please take a few moments to watch the video below by clicking the arrow in the center of the tweet with your sound on and then email [email protected] with your thoughts and opinions about the vile statements Hasan hurls at Christians. Should NBC/MSNBC fire Hasan for these statements? Why or why not?