MSNBC: This Congressman Is An ‘Idiot’ For Opposing Late-Term Abortion

Congressman Mike Johnson

( – In an enlightening exchange between United States Representative Mike Johnson (R-LA) and abortionist Dr. Yashica Robinson, the medical director of the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives, that took place during a recent congressional hearing, Robinson refused to give a direct answer to questions about when human life begins and whether abortion takes a human life.

You can watch the video of the exchange further down this post.

At one point during the hearing, the following exchange took place between Johnson and Robinson:

Johnson: “Do you support the right of a woman who is just seconds away from birthing a healthy child to have an abortion?”

Robinson: “I think that the question that you’re asking does not realistically reflect abortion care in the United States.”

Johnson: “In that scenario, would you support her right to abort that child?”

Robinson: “I won’t entertain theoreticals. That’s not reality.”

While many Americans would not find the congressman’s questions offensive, given the reality of late-term abortions, MSNBC’s Katie Phang attacked Johnson for his questions and called him an “idiot.”

After showing a video clip of the exchange to her audience on MSNBC, Phang applauded Robinson for “standing her ground,” saying, “Good for this doctor…for standing her ground and saying, ‘you’re an idiot, and you [don’t] know what you’re doing.’ She said it more politely than me.”

So, seemingly, in the eyes of MSNBC’s Phang, Congressman Johnson is an “idiot” for opposing late-term abortion and trying to get straight answers from a prominent abortionist.

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