Netanyahu Rips Leftist TV Host (Video)

( – In a new case of Benjamin Netanyahu schooling a leftist propaganda media host, Israel’s leader ripped CBS News’ Margaret Brennan during a live interview after she questioned the Israeli military offensive against the Hamas terror group after the October 7 terrorist attack.

See the video of Netanyahu’s comments below!

During the recent interview, Netanyahu accused Brennan of disseminating propaganda from organizations known to be critical of Israel.

This exchange occurred in the context of Brennan mentioning criticisms from President Joe Biden and certain leftist non-governmental organizations (NGOs), such as Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children.

These groups, which have been noted for their anti-Israel stance, expressed concern over the casualties resulting from Israel’s military actions against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

These actions were a response to the terrorist attack on October 7, in which 1,400 Israelis were murdered, over 5,300 were injured, hundreds were kidnapped, and numerous women and children were subjected to rape.

“I think that any civilian casualty is a tragedy and I don’t say that half heartedly,” Netanyahu said.

He condemned Hamas for not only targeting civilians but also for using Palestinian civilians as shields, describing these acts as “a double war crime.”

“This war has been forced upon us by a cynical enemy that not only targets our civilians, has raped, beheaded, burnt babies alive, killed children in front of their parents and parents in front of their children,” Netanyahu explained.

He referenced the opinions of top U.S. military strategists regarding the difficulty of combating a large terrorist group embedded within a civilian population.

He drew a stark comparison to the U.S., suggesting that if America faced a tragedy on the scale of twenty 9/11s – i.e., the deaths of 50,000 Americans – the response would be significantly more aggressive than Israel’s current actions in Gaza.

“[The US would be] doing a hell of a lot more… And all Americans that I talk to, nearly all, say that,” Netanyahu said.

“So Israel has gone to extraordinary lengths, calling up people, civilians, Palestinians in Gaza, telling them leave your home, sending pamphlets, we have done that effort. Hamas tries to keep them at gunpoint. We’ll clear them out of harm’s way, we’ll complete the job and achieve total victory, which is necessary to give a secure future for Israel, a better future for Gaza, a better future for the Middle East, and a setback for the Iran terror axis. That’s in all our interests. It’s in America’s interest too,” he declared.