New Illegal Alien Problems for the Border Patrol

( – According to reports, the US Border Patrol is pleading with agents to work on the Northern Border after the number of illegal aliens entering the United States from Canada spiked by nearly 850%.

Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia of the Swanton Border Sector has authored a memo stating that the agency urgently needs a lot of additional help because it is experiencing “strain caused by the surge” of illegal immigration.

The Swanton Sector of the US-Canadian border covers Vermont, New Hampshire, and the eastern part of New York state.

According to Garcia’s memo, obtained by Fox News and cited by Newsmax, the illegal immigration surge is driven “primarily” by Mexican migrants with no legal documents.

He added that there was a need for a “quick turnaround” of agents from the Southern Border to volunteer for the Northern Border for at least a month.

The report notes that Southern Border has already been “overwhelmed” by the illegal immigrant invasion on President Joe Biden’s watch. More than 6 million illegals entered the US in the first half of his term.

The Swanton Sector’s Chief Patrol Officer memo also declared that “due to the increased numbers, stations are task saturated with processing large groups, which has contributed” to the surge in illegal immigrant crossings.

The Border Patrol’s begging for help on the Swanton Sector of the Northern Border comes as it is seeing “historic” levels of illegal immigrant numbers.

Thus, in the current fiscal year, which started on October 1, the Swanton Sector “demonstrates an approximate 846% increase in encounters and apprehensions compared to the same period,” according to the Border Patrol.

In January alone, the border agents caught 367 illegal immigrants in the sector, bringing the total since October 1 to over 1,500.

In the same four months, more than 2,200 illegal aliens have been caught sneaking through along the entire US-Canadian border, the same as in the preceding fiscal year.

However, the total number of illegal immigrants that the Northern Border has seen since October 1 is over 13,000 when those who appeared at ports of entry without permission are also counted, The Washington Times reported, citing Customs and Border Protection data.

Out of that number, the largest share is Canadians, followed by Indians, Chinese, and Mexicans.

Thus, in January 2023, among all Northern Border illegals, including those who came to ports of entry, there were 2,500 citizens of India, almost 700 citizens of Communist China, nearly 700 Mexicans, about 250 Colombians, over 200 Filipinos, and over 150 citizens of Brazil.

“You’re seeing some Mexican single adults now going to Canada and coming across the Swanton sector because it’s easy,” commented Mark Morgan, who led CBP during part of the Trump administration.

“As bad as our southern border is, it’s better than our northern border,” he added.