New Jersey Prison Scandal Shows Absurdity of Transgender Policy

Edna Mahan Correctional Facility

( – Anyone with common sense — something in short supply when it comes to the public policy makers in this country — could have predicted what just happened in a women-only prison when there are transgender inmates in the mix.

As Newsmax reports in “Two Inmates at All-Women’s Prison Pregnant After Sex With Transgender Prisoner”:

“Two women incarcerated in an all-women’s prison in New Jersey are pregnant after they had sex with a transgender inmate, reports

“There are more than 800 prisoners, including 27 transgender women, housed at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women. The women became pregnant after engaging in “consensual sexual relationships with another incarcerated person,” Dan Sperrazza, the Department of Corrections’ external affairs executive director, told the news outlet…

“New Jersey in 2021 made it customary for prisoners who identify as transgender, intersex or nonbinary to be assigned a prison stay in line with their gender identity — not with the sex they were assigned at birth — because of a lawsuit filed in 2019 by a transgender woman who said she was forced to live in a men’s prison for 1½ years.” [emphasis added]

Did the policymakers who made this decision really believe there wouldn’t be sex between the women and the transgender women? Did they not see this coming from a mile away?

What is your opinion? Does it make sense to incarcerate transgender inmates with inmates of the sex they were born with? Please email [email protected] with your thoughts and opinions. Thank you, and have a great weekend.