New Speaker Calls for Prayer – VIDEO

Mike Johnson

( – In a very rare move for American leaders in recent years, the new House Speaker, Mike Johnson, has urged the nation to turn to prayer after Wednesday’s bloody mass shooting in Maine – for which he has been attacked immediately by the lefty hordes and the mainstream media.

Johnson’s first full day as speaker of the House of Representatives came after a gunman slaughtered at least 18 people in Maine’s Lewiston Wednesday night, wounding dozens of others, some still struggling for their lives.

In response to the mass shootings in Maine, Johnson, highlighting the somber nature of the current American climate, advocated for prayer as the House’s appropriate course of action.

“This is a dark time in America… We’re really, really hopeful and prayerful… Prayer is appropriate at a time like this, that the evil can end and the senseless violence can stop,” the new speaker told reporters, as cited by AP and Newsmax.

A committed conservative evangelical Christian, Johnson chose not to answer reporters’ questions about potential Congressional actions on gun violence.

“This is not the time to be talking about legislation, we’re in the middle of that crisis right now!” the speaker told Fox News host Sean Hannity in an interview later on Thursday.

Johnson’s leadership will be immediately tested with upcoming critical deadlines and decisions, The Associated Press notes in its report.

By November 17, Congress needs to secure funding to avoid a government shutdown. Moreover, President Joe Biden is seeking an additional $105 billion for military and humanitarian assistance for Israel and Ukraine.

AP points out that, on top of those issues, the Republicans are keen to resume their impeachment investigation into Biden concerning his son Hunter’s business dealings.

“The challenge before us is great but the time for action is now, and I will not let you down,” Johnson, 51, remarked on the House floor, reflecting on his recent election as speaker.

Earlier this week, he won the speakership in a 220-209 vote, receiving the support of all Republicans present.

“He’s a tremendous leader,” former President Donald Trump said of the new House speaker.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden acknowledged Johnson’s new position, stressing the need for responsible action on government funding and support for Ukraine and Israel.

Johnson’s ascendancy is attributed to his strong conservative beliefs, religious faith, and Trump’s support, uniting the Republican Party where more seasoned leaders had failed, AP concludes.