New State Flag Unveiled (Video)

( – In a new victory for wokeism, Minnesota has introduced its new flag, adopting a design that seeks to abandon elements that could evoke distressing memories for Native Americans.

See a video of Minnesota’s Democrat governor replacing the old flag below!

The previous flag depicted a Native American riding towards the sunset while a settler, armed with a rifle, worked his field.

This imagery reminded some Native Americans of their historical displacement within the US, AP reports, cited by The Daily Caller.

The newly designed flag features a dark blue silhouette of Minnesota on the left, complemented by a white, eight-pointed North Star and a light blue section representing the state’s famed 10,000 lakes.

According to CBS News, the redesign was driven by the necessity to “accurately and respectfully reflect Minnesota’s shared history, resources, and diverse cultural communities,” as mandated by state legislation.

The Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives, Melissa Hortman, highlighted the dual rationale behind the change.

“We changed the flag for a reason. In addition to it being a poor design, it was offensive to a large number of people,” she said.

Efforts by Minnesota Republicans to halt the new design have failed. They argued that the decision regarding the state’s seal and flag should be put to a popular vote.

The Republicans proposed three legislative initiatives aiming to solicit public opinion on the designs, one of which included a local ballot measure for a straightforward vote on the new design.

Moreover, a state referendum was suggested, which Rep. Bjorn Olson acknowledged as a “longshot.”

“The goal is not to go back to this flag or to go to the new flag. The goal remains: Minnesotans deserve the right to vote for what represents them. If that flag is this one or if that flag is the new one, it’s a Minnesotan’s right to vote,” Olson said.

“We’re not against change. We’re against having people force the change upon us without hearing from us. We are advocating for nothing more than the right of Minnesotans to vote on what represents them. That’s the question and that’s what these bills are designed to do,” he elaborated.

Governor Tim Walz commented on the flag and the broader context of state priorities.

“Our current flag is problematic. I think we all know that. We’ve evolved into a more diverse state and I think it’s more reflective of that,” he said.

In related developments, Utah also recently introduced a new flag, termed the “beehive flag,” which features a gold beehive and a white star inside a hexagon, set against a backdrop of white, snowy mountains over a red and blue base.

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