NEW: Suicide or Murder?

Metropolitan Correctional Center

( – Jeffrey Epstein managed to kill himself in his jail cell in 2019 due to a “combination of negligence and misconduct” at the Bureau of Prisons, or so a Justice Department watchdog has concluded.

But is that true? Or was Epstein killed to silence him?

The conclusion comes from a report by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, the last of several official investigations into the high-profile death.

Epstein supposedly committed suicide in the now-shuttered Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan in 2019.

He spent 36 days at the facility. Two weeks before dying, he was put on a suicide watch for 31 hours after a suicide attempt that left scrapes and bruises on his neck, according to jail officials.

Epstein, a convicted pedophile, has been known for his numerous high-profile connections in the political and business world, leading many to hypothesize that he was murdered to prevent him from spilling compromising secrets.

According to DOJ Inspector General Horowitz’s conclusions, the federal Bureau of Prisons committed or allowed several violations that enabled Epstein to kill himself, The Associated Press reports, as cited by Breitbart News and The New York Post.

Thus, the IG found that there were too many bed linens left in Epstein’s jail cell, which he successfully used for his suicide while he was awaiting a new sex trafficking trial.

The watchdog report also noted that the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) didn’t assign the pedophile financier a cellmate after a previous one left and that there were problems with surveillance cameras at the facility.

At the same time, the Inspector General’s report confirmed the conclusions of other inquiries into Epstein’s death, which found no evidence of “foul play,” therefore “rebutting conspiracy theories surrounding the high-profile death.”

Horowitz also concluded, similar to other probes, that several jail guards who were supposed to watch over Epstein were “overlooked.”

According to the DOJ Inspector General, there were a total of 13 BOP employees who performed poorly at the time of the suicide.

The watchdog recommended charges against six of them. Only two of the employees who guarded Epstein have been charged.

They avoided serving time through a plea deal after admitting they falsified logs to hide that they were sleeping and shopping online instead of checking on Epstein.