New Warning About Putin

( – In a chilling new warning, Estonia, a US ally bordering Putin’s Russia, has cautioned that Moscow is preparing for a war with the US-led NATO military alliance – as new Russian defense plans provide for doubling troops on NATO borders despite the war in Ukraine.

The warning comes from a new report by Estonian intelligence, just as Russia escalated tensions by placing Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas on a wanted list, DNyuz reports.

The Russian move was driven by her initiatives to dismantle Soviet-era World War II monuments deemed a symbol of Estonia’s forced occupation by the Russians.

This action extends to other officials from Latvia and Lithuania who have advocated for the removal of Soviet-era monuments, marking a clear stance against historical Soviet symbols.

The Estonian foreign intelligence service’s report reveals Russia’s intentions to significantly augment its military presence along its frontiers with the Baltic states and Finland.

Finland, a long-time neutral nation, decided to join NATO last year because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which started two years ago.

The new Russian military expansion is considered preparation for potential hostilities with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

It is noted that America’s European allies have been on alert regarding Russia’s potential to widen its military engagements beyond Ukraine’s confines.

“The Kremlin is probably anticipating a possible conflict with NATO within the next decade. For Estonia, Russia’s military reform entails a significant increase in Russian forces near the Estonian border in the coming years,” Estonia’s intelligence report reads.

Kaupo Rosin, director general of Estonia’s foreign intelligence service, underscored that Russia is bracing for a prolonged confrontation, a sentiment echoed by international observers.

In defiance of Moscow’s intimidation tactics, Kallas reaffirmed her unwavering support for Ukraine.

“The Kremlin now hopes this move will help to silence me and others—but it won’t. The opposite. I will continue my strong support to Ukraine. I will continue to stand for increasing Europe’s defenses,” she wrote on social media.

The discussion on NATO’s defense preparedness has intensified, especially following former President Donald Trump’s contentious remarks regarding NATO members’ financial contributions to defense spending.

Trump suggested a conditional defense stance based on financial contributions, a stance that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and US Ambassador to NATO Julianne Smith have vehemently criticized for undermining collective security and endangering troops from the US and allied nations.