North Korea Making Noise Again

As the hubbub over the 2020 elections finally comes to an end and it’s clear that Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States, the ripples are spreading around the world. As America looks on at our own political drama, so does the rest of the world; friends and enemies alike. Some are already looking to see what a Biden presidency will mean, most especially some of the world’s bad actors.

Whether one likes President Trump or not, it’s undeniable that he has made a major impact during his tenure as President. When he took office, the Iran deal was allowing Iran to push towards making a nuclear bomb, North Korea was firing multi-stage missiles over Japan and ISIS still had control over a huge chunk of land in the Middle East. Trump pulled out of the Iran deal, silenced North Korea and led the effort to defeat ISIS, returning those lands to the countries they were stolen from.

Now that the last appeal and desperate tactic has failed, President Trump has conceded the election and dropped all of the lawsuits that are still open, it’s clear that President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20th. Besides many internal policy changes, this will mean massive changes in how the United States deals with other countries. Biden has already stated that he will rejoin the Iran deal, dropping the sanctions that Trump put in place when he pulled our country out of it.

North Korea has already responded to the upcoming change in presidency, with the state media quoting Kim Jong-un saying that the rogue country will be advancing their nuclear and missile programs. In his comments, he apparently stated that Joe Biden won’t be able to hold them back.

This is in stark contrast to the effect that Trump had on Kim, going toe to toe with him and bringing him to the bargaining table. While it is unclear whether North Korea went to the bargaining table in good faith, at an absolute minimum we’ve had almost four years without any threat coming out of Pyongyang. That threat is now back on the table.

As supreme leader of the rogue nation, Kim Jong-un has made it clear on multiple occasions that he sees the United States as his “biggest enemy.” He previously made comments, reported on by the North Korean state news, that his government had plans for a preemptive EMP attack on the United States.

Whether those threats will ever end in an attack is something that has yet to be seen; but one thing is clear, the stability of the last four years, without constant threats out of North Korea’s capital, have now come to an end.