Now They’ve Outlawed THIS?

Fat People On a Beach

( – Ultra-liberal New York City, where Democrats control everything, is adopting a new law to protect “fat” people from work, housing, and accommodation discrimination.

Last Thursday, the NY City Council, comprised of 45 Democrats and only six Republicans, voted in favor of new legislation against discrimination in “employment, housed, and public accommodation” based on “height or weight.”

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According to Democrat councilman Shaun Abreu, discrimination against overweight people is “a silent burden people have had to carry,” The Washington Free Beacon reports.

“They’re being discriminated against with no recourse and society saying that’s perfectly fine,” Abreu declared.

The Democrat also said he felt he had experienced different treatment after putting on 40 pounds.

“Just recently someone who I considered to be a friend came up to me and touched my stomach and said, ‘We’re getting bigger there, buddy.’ And it just speaks to the toxic culture that exists in the United States when it comes to people that are above their average peers’ weight,” Abreu stated.

The New York City Council has heard testimonies from “fat activists” supporting the law in the past few months.

Those include an individual described as a self-proclaimed “Fat Fab Feminist” Victoria Abraham. 

Abraham, who recently graduated from New York University, “educates” people “about weight stigma” through social media, where she has 120,000 followers. 

“In most places in the United States, you can get fired for being fat and have no protection at all, which is crazy because this is a very fat country,” the activist told ABC7, as cited by The New York Post. 

“Are there gaps in this bill? For sure. But I think it’s the perfect first step,” she said of NYC’s new legislation.

The local Democrats drafted the NYC bill in collaboration with NAAFA, the “National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance.”  

According to the report, their stance is “backed by troubling statistics” since studies have found that at least 42% of American adults believe they have experienced “discrimination based on their sizes” – or “sizism.” 

Weight bias has been linked to lower wages and employment struggles, as well as negative experiences in education starting as early as preschool,” the Post notes.

Republican NYC council members opposed to the new pro- “fat” legislation have warned it would pave the ground for “frivolous lawsuits.”

According to GOP council minority leader Joseph Borelli, it would incentivize city residents to “sue anyone and everything.”

NYC’s Democrat Mayor, Eric Adams, is expected to sign the bill into law.

The Free Beacon points out that while the city leaders focus on “fat protections,” New York is expected to receive even more illegal immigrants from the Southern Border states.

Adams has made public a plan to move migrants from the downtown to the suburbs as Texas’s Republican Governor, Greg Abbott, has been bussing illegal aliens to the city.

However, last week, even the Democrat mayor of El Paso, Texas, set up an arrangement to bus illegal immigrants to NYC.