Now THIS Is How You Honor Veterans…

Mural Honoring Veterans

( – A giant mural in honor of America’s military veterans will be installed at the Veterans Memorial Park in Davenport, Iowa.

The project for the 40-foot mural installation has been created by “talented citizens,” according to The Quad-City Times, as cited by Breitbart News.

More specifically, the mural is the creation of David Schaeffer, an art teacher at Davenport West High School, who has worked on it “long and hard,” the report notes.

Meanwhile, the frame of the veterans’ mural is being built by industrial technology teacher Andrew Zinn with the help of his students.

Schaeffer has made other murals, but nothing “quite so large.” However, he was particularly excited to take up the challenge of a “legacy piece” to honor the United States military veterans.

The mural project took off after, in 2020, Schaeffer had a meeting with two Vietnam War vets, Lyle Peterson and Bill Churchill, the latter serving as the president of the Friends of Veterans Memorial Park Committee.

Their meeting at the park focused on how they wanted to make the new mural “bigger and different than others.”

Both the scope and the contents of Schaeffer’s final draft for the mural “seemed daunting.” However, he managed to project the images onto panels using new technology.

“This will be on permanent display right by the river as part of Veterans Memorial Park. I still have a few panels to go, but this is the progress,” Schaeffer revealed in a 2021 social media post, which also contained images of the paintings:

“These are awesome, nice work!” reacted one of his followers, among many others.

Then, in January 2022, Schaeffer made public a partial image of the mural and informed his followers it was complete.

Zinn commented the installation of the mural would take one day, and he hoped students would also join the effort.

“It’s huge, and there’s a lot of working parts in play, so there will be multiple phases to the entire project,” he explained.

The local newspaper quotes Davenport’s Mayor, a retired Army Ranger, Mike Matson, as saying he was pleased that “neighbors came together to make the park something even more special.”

“It’s important we revere our veterans and continue to support our military families and military community and be aware of the sacrifices our military members make for our country,” the mayor stated.

Veterans Memorial Park, one of four parks in downtown Davenport, Iowa, was established in 2011.