NY Times Lies AGAIN about Hunter’s Laptop

Hunter Biden

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – The New York Times has falsely alleged that Hunter Biden’s lost laptop, which has led to scandalous revelations about the Bidens, was “stolen” rather than abandoned.

The NYT has practically ignored the revelations about the First Son’s lifestyle and foreign business deals based on the laptop materials. Still, it reported on Twitter owner Elon Musk’s publication of internal documents showing the revelations were censored before the 2020 presidential election.

The internal records that Musk handed to journalist Matt Taibbi proved that Joe Biden’s presidential campaign instructed the platform’s staff on what Hunter Biden content to delete.

The New York Times article, however, uses a “stolen laptop” claim while seemingly downplaying the importance of the “Twitter Files” and the expose of Big Tech censorship, which benefited Joe Biden.

“Mr. Musk and Mr. Taibbi framed the exchanges as evidence of rank censorship and pernicious influence by liberals,” NYT author Michael M. Grynbaum wrote.

“Many others — even some ardent Twitter critics — were less impressed, saying the exchanges merely showed a group of executives earnestly debating how to deal with an unconfirmed news report that was based on information from a stolen laptop,” he added.

Hunter Biden’s laptop, however, was not “stolen” but was abandoned by him at a computer repair shop in Delaware in April 2019, as testified by the shop’s owner John Paul Mac Isaac, Breitbart News wrote in a report.

“Hunter Biden dropped the computer off at his shop on April 12, 2019, to conduct a ‘data recovery,’” Mac Isaac revealed previously.

He called Hunter Biden the following day to tell him the recovery was ready, but the future First Son never came to pick up his laptop.

Breitbart pointed out that the store legally acquired the laptop after it was abandoned based on documents that Hunter Biden signed when he brought it. Joe Biden’s son has never reported his laptop as stolen or missing.

Twitter users slammed the NYT for claiming that the computer had been stolen.

“Hey @grynbaum & all the editors at the @nytimes: the laptop was not stolen. You know this, you know exactly how it came into the possession of the repair shop. The only reason to continue to lie about this is to cover up their complicity in burying the original story,” reacted user Derek Hunter.

“The discussion at Twitter had nothing to do with the laptop being “stolen,” but rather the unfounded claim that the materials on the laptop had been “hacked,” which was used as a pretext for censoring the story,” Breitbart News concluded.

The conservative outlet noted that its authors had reported on Hunter Biden’s suspicious foreign business deals during Joe Biden’s tenure as US vice president even before the so-called “laptop from hell” revelations.

In 2018 and 2020, author Peter Schweizer exposed a $1.5 billion deal Hunter’s firm signed in 2013 with the Bank of China only ten days after he visited Beijing with his father on Air Force Two.

Other Breitbart writers, Emma-Jo Morris and Miranda Devine, claim they have found evidence Joe Biden agreed to have a 10% stake in a firm his son set up with high-level officials of the Chinese Communist Party.