Obama, Hillary Attack Free Speech

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Yesterday, former President Barack Obama delivered what was billed by his supporters as a major speech at Stanford University in California on misinformation and disinformation in the digital age.

The speech was live-streamed so that it would go global as Obama seemingly believes the world wants to know what he thinks.

But, it wasn’t just Obama who felt compelled to lecture the world about disinformation. His one-time Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, jumped into the fray as well.

As Breitbart recounts in “Barack Obama Calls for More Censorship: First Amendment ‘Does Not Apply to Facebook and Twitter’“:

“Former President Barack Obama in a major speech on Thursday called for more regulation of social media content, in order to diminish ‘disinformation.’…

“He described himself as ‘pretty close to a First Amendment absolutist’ but immediately clarified that it did not apply to social media companies.

“‘The First Amendment is a check on the power of the state. It doesn’t apply to private companies like Facebook and Twitter,’ he said, calling for more ‘value judgements’ on content moderation and censorship on social media.”

Why does Obama want more censorship?

According to Obama: “People are dying because of misinformation.”

What does Obama see as the solution?

“Regulation has to be part of the answer,” Obama said as he demanded more ways to start “slowing the spread of harmful content.”

And, as previously mentioned. Hillary Rodham Clinton immediately chimed in — after all, she believes she lost the 2016 presidential race to Donald Trump because of misinformation and disinformation — by tweeting:

“For too long, tech platforms have amplified disinformation and extremism with no accountability. The EU is poised to do something about it. I urge our transatlantic allies to push the Digital Services Act across the finish line and bolster global democracy before it’s too late.”

What is your opinion about Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton jumping into the fray over social media platforms and disinformation? Please email [email protected]. Thank you, and have a good weekend.