Ohio Shocks Conservatives

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – In an alarming testimony as to how much the far left has captured many Americans’ hearts and minds, a slim majority of Ohio’s voters has approved a ballot measure outlawing any bans on abortion or transgender medical manipulations such as gender-transition surgeries.

The ballot measure known as Issue 1 was adopted by Ohioans Tuesday with 56.6% of the voters in favor (or 2.18 million votes) and 43.4% against (1.675 million votes).

This amendment, if applied as intended, effectively prohibits any limitations on abortion and related medical procedures, including those involved in gender transition.

What is more, it would also eliminate the necessity for minors to obtain parental consent or to inform their parents before undergoing these procedures, National Review reports.

The wording of the amendment broadly prevents any law that would “directly or indirectly” “burden” or “interfere” with “reproductive decisions.”

Critics have voiced concerns that this could lead to the removal of nearly all restrictions on abortion, including those designed to ensure qualified physicians perform the procedures.

Additionally, the vague terminology concerning the “burden” of reproductive decisions could open the door to state-funded abortions, as financial inability to afford an abortion could be seen as a “burden” that the public must address.

The wide interpretation of “reproductive decisions” in the measure also suggests that it could encompass gender-transition treatments without distinguishing between the rights of minors and adults.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the leftist group that drafted the amendment, has a history of opposing parental involvement in abortion and gender-transition procedures.

The ACLU’s website states that laws requiring parental consent and notification limit “teenagers’ access to abortion.”

Jessie Hill, an ACLU of Ohio attorney, clarified the proposal would “mean that laws that conflict with it cannot be enforced, should not be enforced,” including existing laws on parental consent.

Before the vote, Ohio’s GOP Governor Mike DeWine called the measure “a radical proposal,” saying, “whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life, it just goes much, much too far.”

“It would enshrine in our Constitution the right to have an abortion up until birth, any time during the pregnancy. Second thing it would do is threaten a law we had on the books for many years requiring parental consent if we’re dealing with a minor. The lawyers who wrote this were mindful for what they were doing. It is a radical proposal that does not fit Ohio,” DeWine warned.