Pandemic Over? Biden Opens The Flood Gates To More Illegals

Border Wall

( – It is as if each department within Joe Biden’s presidential administration uses the COVID-19 “pandemic” to justify whatever it wants to jam down the throats of Americans.

Case in point.

While the CDC is warning that Americans shouldn’t let their guard down against COVID, the Biden administration also claims it is now safe to allow millions of illegal aliens into the country.

As Reason points out in “Biden Administration Will Lift Title 42 Order Used To Expel Migrants/The controversial public health order will finally meet its end after U.S. immigration officials used it to carry out 1.7 million expulsions“:

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that it would lift a controversial public health order that permitted U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officials to immediately expel migrants crossing land borders in order to stop COVID-19’s spread…

“The order has been used almost exclusively to expel migrants at the southern border, and CBP officials have carried out 1.7 million expulsions under its authority.”

The use of the order began when Donald Trump was in the White House, and it effectively kept almost 2 million illegals out of the United States.

With Biden revoking the order, all estimates are that millions of illegals will flood across the southern border with Mexico.

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