Pence: Trump Is Not a Conservative (Video)

( – In a new development exposing a deepening division in the Republican Party, former Vice President Mike Pence has stated that he cannot endorse his former boss Donald Trump for the presidency because the latter has departed from mainstream conservativism.

See a video of Pence’s comments about Trump below!  

In an interview for the CBS News program “Face the Nation,” Pence explained his reasons for declining to support former President Trump’s bid for reelection.

He argued his rationale extended beyond Trump’s controversial behavior on January 6, 2021,

Pence underscored the importance of adherence to the Constitution and criticized Trump for forsaking fundamental conservative commitments.

“The issue of fealty to the Constitution is not a small matter, but it’s not just that,” Pence said.

He stressed additional concerns regarding fiscal responsibility, the sanctity of life, and America’s global leadership position.

One specific issue Pence pointed out was Trump’s recent shift in stance regarding the potential prohibition of TikTok, indicating a broader inconsistency with the administration’s previous hardline approach towards China.

“I mean, the president’s reversal just last week on TikTok — following an administration where we literally changed the national consensus on China — is the reason why, after a lot of reflection, I just concluded I cannot endorse the agenda that Donald Trump is carrying into this national debate,” Pence stated, as cited by The Hill.

Despite these tensions and the events of that day, Pence asserted his forgiveness towards Trump, rooted in his Christian faith, while also acknowledging their significant disagreements, particularly concerning the events of January 6.

“The president and I have profound differences. Many people think it’s just over January 6 — and frankly, the fact that the president continues to insist that I had the right to overturn the election that day is a fundamental difference. But I want to be clear that, you know, I’ve forgiven the president in my heart for what happened that day. As a Christian, I’m required to do that. I’ve prayed for him in that regard,” he shared.

“For me, the reason why I won’t endorse Donald Trump this year is that I see him departing from the mainstream conservative agenda that has defined the Republican Party over the last 40 years, and still has the best hope for the future of the country,” Pence concluded.

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