Photos: Here Comes Another Biden Surge of Illegals

( – While many liberal Americans and members of the mainstream media are no longer paying attention to the surging waves of illegal aliens coming to the United States across the border with Mexico, the surges continue, and there is one underway right now in the Eagle Pass, Texas, Border Patrol area of operations.

As Breitbart News documents in “Migrants Tire of Waiting for Title 42’s End, Surge Across Border into Texas“:

“Whether Title 42 ends or not, migrants say they are tired of waiting and surged across the Rio Grande into the Eagle Pass, Texas, area of operations. As many as 3,600 crossed so far this weekend — eclipsing last weekend’s total of just over 2,800 migrant apprehensions in the Del Rio Sector — according to a source operating within U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Border Patrol officials called in all available agents in Eagle Pass on Sunday as increasing numbers of migrants crossed the border illegally from Mexico into Texas. Sunday evening, a large group of more than 250 migrants crossed near Normandy, Texas, while others streamed across into Eagle Pass.” [emphasis added]

According to Border Patrol officials, most of the illegals they came in contact with on Sunday were Honduran nationals, along with some illegals from Colombia.

Breitbart was able to take exclusive photos of the illegals as they arrived in the United States. Below is one such picture. For the entire collection, click HERE.

Illegal Aliens Arriving Into the United States

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