Police Chief Fired For Being White

Anthony ‘Chachi’ Paparo

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Has the “Defund the Police” movement pushed by the BLM crowd now morphed into a movement that wants to remove top cops who are White and replace them with Black police chiefs?

That may be the case if you look at what is happening in one Pennsylvania town.

According to a local Fox News station covering the controversy, the Police Chief of Yeadon, Pennsylvania, alleges the borough council is trying to remove him because he’s White and they want to replace him with a Black chief.

As you’ll see from the tweets further down this post and from the local reporter covering the controversy, the current chief may have a good argument that he’s being pushed out because he’s White.

As the local Fox News reporter writes in “Yeadon police chief says he expects to be fired because he’s white, council president calls claim ‘absurd‘”:

“A large crowd packed into a Yeadon Borough council meeting on Monday night to throw their support behind Police Chief Anthony ‘Chachi’ Paparo, who claims that a newly-elected council will move to fire him because he is white

“‘I don’t fit, the race that they want to run the town and I didn’t want to believe it,’ Paparo told FOX 29 on Monday…

“‘Residents were coming to me, various people were coming to me, and say they’re going to fire me in January. I was like ‘come on now,’ Paparo said. ‘Then the rumors started that they wanted a Black chief in Yeadon.'” [emphasis added]

Please review the tweets below (you can also watch an excellent video about this controversy by clicking HERE) and then email your opinion about what the chief alleges by emailing [email protected]. Do you think the BLM and Defund the Police crowd may also now be trying to remove White police chiefs?