Police Refuse to Apologize to ‘Woke Mob’ for THIS

Kyle Rittenhouse / Thrall Police Officer

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – A police department in Central Texas has snubbed apology demands by leftist social media users after it posted on its Facebook page a photo of one of its officers with Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man known for shooting in self-defense during the 2020 riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

After shooting and killing two rioters who had attacked him in August 2020, Rittenhouse, 17 at the time, was put on trial that garnered nationwide attention. In November 2021, he was completely acquitted of any wrongdoing by a jury in Kenosha.

The police department in Thrall, Texas, a community of fewer than 1,000 people, recently posted a photo that one of its police officers took with Rittenhouse at a chance meeting during a traffic stop.

“Make those stops, you never know who you might meet. Today it was Kyle Rittenhouse, welcome to Texas,” the Thrall PD said in the post.

The police department was immediately targeted by a leftist online mob who seemed to resent Rittenhouse even though he was found not guilty as he acted legally in self-defense.

Breitbart News reported more than 1,800 negative comments below the photo by left-wing users.

“Sick you are making him out as a hero. Shame on your officer and this department,” wrote one commenter, Kari Ashpaugh.

However, the Thrall police department refused to remove the photo or apologize for it as the leftist online users were demanding.

“I must have missed something, I believed that this young man was arrested, charged, indicted and then found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Is this not how our country works anymore? The hate in these comments is terrible, if you have information that is contrary to that I would honestly love to hear it,” the department reacted in a new Facebook post.

Facebook users met the new post with over 10,000 reactions, of which close to 6,500 were “love” or “laughs,” and none were “sad” or “angry.”

The Thrall Police Department didn’t offer any details about the traffic stop that led to the chance meeting with Kyle Rittenhouse, nor did it identify the police officer in the photo.

Rittenhouse recently revealed his plans to attend Blinn College this year and to transfer to Texas A&M University in 2023.