Police Refused Service by THIS Restaurant

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – A restaurant in Democrat-controlled San Francisco is refusing service to police officers because they are armed.

Reem’s California, located in San Francisco, made it clear to the police last week that armed police officers in uniform would not be served because of its policy banning clients from entering its premises with firearms.

The restaurant emailed its decision to the San Francisco police officers union, Newsmax reports.

“At Reem’s we do have a policy to not serve anyone that is armed in a uniform. All officers are welcome to come to our establishment when they are off duty and not armed,” it stated.

The restaurant wrote in an Instagram post that its strict no-firearms policy was designed to keep guns out to guarantee the safety of the employees.

“Reem’s has a deep commitment to uplifting social and racial justice in our communities,” the post reads.

“This includes fostering an environment of safety for our staff and customers. In a time of increased gun violence — particularly impacting people of color, youth, and queer people — we believe that maintaining a strict policy prohibiting guns in our restaurant keeps us safer,” Reem’s elaborated.

The San Francisco police officers’ union slammed the anti-cop policy in a social media post, noting it also seemed to apply to US military personnel.

“NO COPS ALLOWED. That’s the confirmed policy of the bakery chain Reem’s. One of our officers was denied service last weekend because he was in uniform. Reem’s confirms that they will not serve anyone armed and in uniform. Presumably, this includes members of the US Military,” the union wrote.

Tracy McCray issued a statement to The San Francisco Gate, declaring that customers should be informed about Reem’s decision to refuse service to police officers so they could make up their minds about visiting the restaurant.

“That is not our interpretation of their policy. That is exactly what they said their policy was. That is what their employee told our officer,” McCray said.

“And this is our point, if you’re going to have policies that discriminate against one group of people, then own it, post it publicly, and let your potential customers make the decision that best reflects their values,” the police union chief concluded.